The Panda Rabbit is a hybrid animal who isolates himself from the world because he is different and unloved. He finds solace in his TV but is soon sucked into the television world and finds it much less enticing than he thought. The Panda Rabbit battles his way through the television world and eventually makes it back to reality. He is then greeted by a stranger that can change his life..

The Panda Rabbit is a short film written, directed and animated by Randy D. Rosario. It is a mixture of live action, puppetry, animation and stop motion. The project started out as a poem but evolved into a 6 minute short film that was completed in a year. Music by Jay Coffman

The film was shot entirely with a Canon 7d, and edited/animated on Adobe After Effects. Technology is always advancing and with just a few simple tools a quirky film could come to life. 

I am a multimedia artist born and raised in Los Angeles. Anything can be done...